Stone Orig I didn’t know it, but I’ve always loved teaching. After serving a two year proselyting mission, and marrying my sweetheart, college seemed like the best thing to do. After a couple of unsuccessful semesters in College Algebra, I decided to take another route. Culinary school seemed to be a much better fit for me. It was hands-on, challenging work that produced immediate results. After a few years of work in small restaurants, and bigger chain eateries, I opened a little sandwich shop called Little Dave’s Deli. Creating the menu, and hiring the right crew was a challenge, and a thrill, but the venture was short lived. It was there that I discovered the buzz or energy that grows as I share knowledge about what I love with others which ultimately led to the end of that chapter of life.

During my second attempt at college, I fostered that buzz for teaching and learning. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in English, I went on to earn a Masters of Arts in Teaching. It was during my first years as a junior high English teacher that I realized how critical it is to connect with students.

I have learned that relationships are required to foster a safe learning environment, where kids are willing to take risks, possibly fail, and learn. I have seen timid, quiet children speak up in class, shocking everyone. I have seen students who don’t want to read, find the story that changes their heart, and mind.


Reading, to me, is where it’s at. We learn how to be more empathetic and compassionate when we read. We learn how we fit into this world, with all its wonders and chaos, and what we can do to improve it.

Dave’s Degrees, Endorsements and Pertinent Experience

Bachelor’s of Arts in English – Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah

Master’s of Arts in Teaching – Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah

Teaching English as a Second Language – Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Seeing Stars” Reading Tutoring Program – Lindamood Bell